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Published on May 23, 2024

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The First Predictive Rating For Executives: Paragon Intel Unveils ManagementTrack Rating (MTR)

New York, NY – May 23, 2024 – Paragon Intel, a leading provider of predictive management data and insights for investors, today announced the launch of its groundbreaking ManagementTrack Rating (MTR). For the first time, investors can look at any public company executive and know how that company is going to perform based on them being in the C-suite.

About ManagementTrack Rating (MTR)

The ManagementTrack Rating (MTR) is a proprietary model that rates executives on a scale of 0-10, evaluating over 50 data points from across their career. As a key indicator of Paragon Intel’s ManagementTrack platform, MTR provides unparalleled insight into how an executive’s experience translates to future company returns.

“Management quality has long been a black box for investors across various strategies,” said Ty Popplewell, CEO of Paragon Intel. “With our new ManagementTrack Rating, we are providing a powerful investment input that delivers a predictive score based on executive performance.”

Key Features of MTR:

  • Breadth of Data: MTR considers both overall and sector-specific data from an executive’s entire career, providing a holistic view of their performance.
  • Comprehensive Coverage: The model covers over 5,000 executives across 1,300 public companies, offering extensive market coverage.
  • Predictive Scores: Leveraging machine learning, the model assigns a 0-10 score indicating the likelihood of a company’s outperformance relative to its sector.

Benefits to Investors

ManagementTrack has established itself as the leading source of management insights. Combining its extensive data into one predictive score is yet another step forward.

“C-suite changes are one area we see our ManagementTrack Rating providing significant value,” says Colby Howard, Co-Founder and President of Paragon Intel. “With every new CEO announcement, investors scramble to understand the impact. Our ManagementTrack Rating now provides instant insight into the quality of the hire.”

Proven Performance

The ManagementTrack Rating has been rigorously backtested over a 10-year period. A long-short portfolio outperformed by 8% annually, with a cumulative outperformance of over 112%. These results validate the model’s ability to consistently identify top and bottom performers.

About Paragon Intel

Founded by former hedge fund managers, Paragon Intel is the leader in management analysis for investors. Offering predictive management data and written reports with insights from former colleagues, Paragon Intel has a proven track record of helping investors generate alpha.

For additional context, reference our interview with Business Insider.

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