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Published on April 14, 2024

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Resideo (REZI) Long: 84.0% Alpha Based on CEO Jay Geldmacher’s Expertise

On October 13, 2020, ManagementTrack recommended a long position on Resideo Technologies (REZI), predicting that the company would benefit significantly from the leadership of CEO Jay Geldmacher. This recommendation was rooted in Geldmacher’s proven track record of enhancing operational efficiency and driving shareholder value, qualities that were expected to translate into substantial growth for Resideo.

ManagementTrack’s Investigative Process

  1. In-depth Interviews: ManagementTrack conducted comprehensive interviews with former colleagues and peers of Jay Geldmacher, gathering insights into his leadership style, decision-making process, and past performance.
  2. Strengths and Weaknesses Analysis: The gathered data was analyzed to identify Geldmacher’s strengths, weaknesses, and his toolkit for navigating corporate challenges.
  3. Strategic Fit Evaluation: ManagementTrack evaluated how Geldmacher’s experience and management style would align with Resideo’s current challenges and opportunities, predicting a significant positive impact on the company’s performance.

Why ManagementTrack Believed They Would Succeed

  1. Operational Efficiency: Geldmacher’s focus on operational efficiency and cost reduction was deemed highly compatible with Resideo’s need to streamline operations post-spinoff from Honeywell.
  2. Strategic Refocusing: His history of prioritizing high-margin, traditional products was expected to stabilize Resideo’s core business and improve profitability.
  3. Leadership and Integrity: Geldmacher’s reputation for strong leadership and high integrity was anticipated to restore investor confidence and drive organizational focus towards long-term value creation.

Outcome and Performance

The recommendation to go long on Resideo yielded an 84.0% alpha, validating ManagementTrack’s analysis. Under Geldmacher’s leadership, Resideo focused on operational efficiencies and strategic product focus, which significantly improved the company’s financial performance and stock price.

Key Takeaways

  1. Leadership Matters: The case of Resideo underscores the critical impact of executive leadership on a company’s success, especially in periods of transition.
  2. Operational Focus Pays Off: Geldmacher’s operational discipline and strategic refocusing were key drivers of Resideo’s impressive performance.
  3. Investigative Insight: ManagementTrack’s process of combining investigative journalism with executive analysis provided a unique and accurate forecast of Resideo’s potential under Geldmacher’s leadership.


The successful long recommendation on Resideo Technologies highlighted the effectiveness of ManagementTrack’s investigative approach in evaluating executive fit and potential impact. Jay Geldmacher’s leadership was a perfect match for Resideo’s needs, driving significant value for shareholders and validating the importance of executive analysis in investment decision-making.

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